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Vitae Group

Vitae Group is an insurance agency that specializes in taking care of all aspects of your life and your assets. With headquarters in Miami and acting GLOBALLY, we work with health insurance (domestic and international), corporate insurance, life insurance, vehicle insurance, boat insurance, home insurance, financial products, jewelry/works of art insurance, travel insurance, among many others, after all we are a ONE-STOP SHOP insurance agency.

We understand that personalized and responsive service is essential for our customers' peace of mind, so our team of insurance experts is highly capable of developing the best solution for the safety and protection of everything that matters most in your life.

We represent many of the most reputable insurance companies in the world, backed by solid business partners, so we have the best insurance options available in the WORLD market, and they are developed and offered in the exact measure to best serve each of our customers.

why choose vitae group?

At Vitae-Group the health of your family, your company, and the protection of your assets come first, that's why we work with a range of differentiated insurance companies, well ranked by the risk classifiers, in order to offer the best service to our policyholders (whether they are Individuals or Companies).

  • Focus on service and information, for this we offer VIP and concierge service to all our customers.

    We value transparency and the alignment of expectations with the client.

  • We have pretty much ALL the main players of the insurance market in our portfolio, in order to be sure that we are offering what is in fact BEST, in terms of cost versus benefits

  • We understand all the difficulties of understanding and using insurance in the USA, and that is why our team is always available to do any kind of explanation regarding what has been or will be contracted.

    We care about the physical and mental health of our clients, as well as the protection of their home and many other material goods.


We are prepared to offer the ideal solutions for each of your needs, especially for clients who live or frequently visit the USA, as well as for those who wish to be insured by a global coverage. To this end, we work with the following types of insurance:


Over the years we have won awards and certifications by working together and collaboratively, and winning the support of our customers and some awards, including international ones. The positive feedback from our clients and the recognitions are a great achievement for all of us.

We have a strong culture that is based on people and is committed to training high performance professionals. We strive to be an increasingly better company, with more agility, efficiency and effectiveness in what we propose to deliver.


Best Seller Agent - Worldwide award received by Júlia Queiroz in Gerlin - Germany


Best Seller Agent - Worldwide award received by Gustavo Mori in South Africa


For two consecutive years, Vitae Group has won GeoBlue's Special Recognition Award for Exceeding more than ONE MILLION dollars in individual sales.


Vitae Group joins the One Million Dollar Round Table - World Association of Insurers and Financial Products in 2021.


Vitae Group, has joined the 2022 Marketplace Elite Circle of Champions.

Vitae Group, has won the GeoBlue award for Sales Excellence Award 2022.


Health is essential, the safety of your home is essential, just as financial stability and protection of your assets are fundamental, so contact one of our specialists now and see which insurance option and/or investment is ideal for you, your family, and your company.

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refund policy

Our customers may be entitled to a refund in the following circumstances:

  • If the policy has not yet started, the client gets 100% reimbursement.
  • If the policy has already been started but has been paid out, we negotiate with the insurance companies to receive pro-rata reimbursement.

It is important to note that policies are usually cancelled on the date until the time of payment, and a pro-rata refund can be made.

delivery policy

Once the client agrees to the terms and conditions of a policy, we issue the policy with the insurance company. Premium collection can take place according to the customer's preference: it can be on the same day of the contract, or it can be withdrawn by the effective date of the policy.

cancellation policy

Policies can always be cancelled before the effective date, in which case the client gets a 100% refund. Once policies have been initiated, cancellation is available on the date until the policy is paid up - there is no mandatory period or need to keep the policy until its original termination date.