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Vitae Group is one of the most sought after insurance agencies not only by expatriates living in the US, but also by many US citizens and residents today. With a focus on individual and corporate health insurance, Vitae differentiates itself by studying the particular needs of each family or company in order to deliver and what really meets them, having a highly qualified and careful team in this delivery that is totally personalized.

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travel insurance

When planning a trip, whether it is a vacation or a business trip, it is essential to have insurance.

Insurance is the peace of mind of having support in an unexpected situation, it ensures that you and your family receive medical attention in case of emergency while you are on foreign land for business or leisure.

If you are going to travel, contact our consultants and guarantee tranquility during your trip. Check out all the situations in which your travel insurance may apply and also see the list of countries that it is mandatory to contract insurance.

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